๐Ÿ“ŠCollection & Trait Analytics

NFT Butler comes with handy search & filter functionality that help you to identify profitable collections & traits.

  • Floor Prices (historical)

  • Floor Price on Blur (historical)

  • Highest Bids

  • Last Sales

Further you can also drill down into the Traits view of a Collection with the button on the very left:

In the Traits drilldown each Trait has its own box with it's own statistics. From here you can start to create Trait based bidding tasks (Token Bidding Tasks, Collection Bidding Tasks) or you can checkout the historical data provided by Butler:

  • Collection & Trait Floor Prices (historical)

  • Collection & Trait Floor Price on Blur (historical)

  • Highest Trait bids

  • Last Sales

  • Top 5 Listings

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