/scan will provide you with a full scan of a given collection via the OpenSea API

/scan can be used in the Community-Bot channel:

Required Parameters

  • collectionslug can either be a collection slug or smart contract address to be scanned

Optional Parameters

  • contractaddr needs to be a valid smart contract address of the specified collection slug

For collections hosted on a shared contract (such as art block collections) you can specify the contract address as optional parameter to get all the related collection data.


The bot will open a new channel with you to provide the output data. It will only provide collection data if the collection was previously added to the Butler search engine with the /add command.

The following output will be provided in the dedicated channel between you and the bot:

  • Token Data for each asset of this collection

  • Trait Data, including all token IDs per trait for this collection

  • Collection stats

  • Written output about KPIs

The output data can be used to create a manual task based on token ids. After 30minutes the channel with the output will be closed again.

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