NFT Butler

Add Collection to Butler

Adding a collection to Butler will start the scanning process in our backend which can take up to 4 hours to scan a full collection with up to 100'000 assets. Once the scanning process has finished it will be available on the Butler search engine.
On the collection search page there is a button to Add a new collection:
Add a new collection on the search engine
You'll have to provide the link to the collection on opensea or the collection slug when adding a collection:
Adding a collection with it's collection slug
In some cases the form will also ask for the smart contract of the collection. This step is required for collections with a shared smart contract such as art block collections.
Once the collection was added it will either enter the scanning process or if it was previously private indexed already it will be unlocked for your Butler too if you have the PRO Access (otherwise it will be made public)
Collection is added to your Butler using the PRO subscription