๐Ÿฅ‡PRO Access


You will need an active base access (Lifetime or weekly / monthly subscription access) to benefit from a PRO access.

PRO Access can then be bought directly within the NFT Butler app from the top right corners PRO banner:


Boost Instant Counter Bidding Speed

This feature let's you prioritize Instant Counter Bidding over Token Bidding Tasks and vice-versa.

In general we recommend to use a maximum of 3 Token Bidding Tasks per Wallet, and 5 Token Bidding Tasks in total. Otherwise you could get throttled (429). Each level of Instant Counterbidding Speed counts as 1 Token Bidding Task regarding throughput.

The following settings are stable and should always work:

  • โœ… 4 Token Bidding tasks, 2 different wallets, each wallet has a maximum of 2 tasks, ICB = normal (1 slot)

  • โœ… 3 Token Bidding tasks, can use same wallets, ICB = competitive (2 slots) with a dedicated ICB wallet

  • โœ… 2 Token Bidding tasks, can use same wallet, ICB = hardcore (3 slots) with a dedicated ICB wallet

  • โœ… Instant Counter Bidding Auto scaling option, with a dedicated ICB wallet

Your choice of settings should align with your strategy and objectives. For instance, if you are bidding on highly competitive collections, you may prioritize Counter Bidding Speed. On the other hand, if your goal is to avoid direct competition and focus on bidding on a larger number of tokens, you may prioritize Token Bidding Tasks over Counter Bidding.

Opt-Out NFTButler-Prefix on OpenSea

As a PRO member you choose your OS name freely. See Update OpenSea Name for more information about the prefix.

Discord Role

You will get a discord role indicating that you're a PRO member.

Private Indexing

If a PRO member adds a collection to NFT Butler via the community-bot in our discord, the collection will only be visible to that user (until a non-PRO member adds the collection for everyone).

To add a collection privately, simply add it with the /add command in the ๐Ÿ’ป-community-bot channel while owning the PRO member role in discord.

Be aware you can only add collections with the following criterias (PRO Users only):

- total supply is less than 100'000
- total volume is at least 5 ETH
- total sales is at least 5 sales
  • Art block collections are mostly supported but some of them cannot be scanned with the OS API.

  • We can not guarantee ALL collections to be supported

  • Please add collections after reveal to ensure Butler can index the metadata for each asset

  • If you want to add a collection which is blocked you can also create-a-ticket in Discord and ask the Admins to add it for you

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