/tokenscan will provide a list of token ids of a given collection, trait type and trait value which can be used to create manual token bidding tasks in Butler.

It can be used blockchain agnostic. So it works for Base Collections as well as Ethereum or Blast collections.

To get a full list of all available traits per collection have a look at the Traits command.

/tokenscancan be used in the Community-Bot channel:

Required Parameters

  • collectionslug:Specify the collection slug you want to scan. Full links to the collection on OpenSea can be posted here.

  • traittype: Specify the trait category

  • traitvalue: Specify the trait value

Trait Types and Trait Values are not case senstive in general.


Optional Parameters

  • None


The Community bot will directly send back an export of the token ids for the requested trait of the given collection.

Please note the first section "Categories" is providing an overview of the available trait types while the next section "counts" is then providing details about each Trait Type and their values including the counts (available assets)

This information can then be used for the /tokenscan command to get a full list of all Token IDs for a given trait.

Also make sure to check some of the provided token ids on OpenSea to double check they are really owning the requested trait. We're using the OS API here so it should match 1:1 with their indexed metadata but safety first.

Also when you paste the list into Butler the number of Jobs should match the Trait count provided by the Traits Command very closely (Banned assets are excluded):

So in this example I was requesting: "Nose" => "Clown": 414

Then I created a manual task for collection basedpunks and copy & paste the provided token id list:

And when running the Task I check the total jobs count to be very close to the expected 414 jobs (as we're ending up with 413 bids it seems there is one banned asset with this trait on OS):

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