NFT Butler

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Available access

NFT Butler Lifetime License (NFT)

The team still holds about 50+ licenses and will release 1-2 every month to the market.
  • After you've purchased your lifetime license, you can verify ownership via the in discord (#verify-nft-channel)
  • The wallet your using to hold your NFT Butler License doesnt have to be the same your using in-app (there you should create so-called burner wallets)
  • NFT Butler can also be safely stored on a ledger

Weekly / Monthly (in-app)

You can purchase multiple weekly/monthly accesses - they will automatically sum up and extend your access period. Payments can be done whatever crypto you prefer (powered by
Click on "Get Access" top right of the app to do in-app purchases. Weekly & monthly accesses will automatically be added to your logged-in discord user if purchased in-app.

Weekly / Monthly (website)

NFT Butler - The best bidding bot for OpenSea
Link to official NFT Butler website
If an access gets purchased via the website, you'll receive a code in the checkout that has to be redeemed in the "buy license" screen.
You'll also receive the redeemable code via e-mail, in case you should miss it after check-out on the website.
You can always just download NFT Butler via and play around with its features. To run a task, you'll need an active access first.