/ens will convert a given list of ens names to a list of ens token ids

/ens can be used in the Community-Bot channel:

Required Parameters

  • ensname Specify the ens names you'd like to convert to token ids. It can be a comma seperated list of names but you can also add nummeric ranges to target tokens from 0001.eth - 1000.eth


  • /ens 1-1000

  • /ens 10-20, casino, life, sunny

  • /ens 1, 11, 111, 1337, 10000-11000

Optional Parameters

  • None


The bot will send you the converted list of ens names directly as private message in the community-bot channel

The output data can be used to create a manual task based on token ids to bid on the specified ens names.

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