/flips will provide additional filtering options for the posted flips in the different Flips channels on the Butler Discord.

This command is only available to all Butler Members

/flipscan be used in the Community-Bot channel:

Required Parameters

  • chain: Specify the blockchain you'd like to scan for successful flips.

Optional Parameters

  • collectionslug: Optionally filter flips by a specific collection slug.

  • min_profit: With this option you can filter for flips with a minimum profit of the specified value in dollar.

  • max_hold: This filter let's you specify the maximum hold duration in hours. Can be used to filter for flips which were not hold longer than 48 hours for example.



Our Discord bot will open a dedicated channel to send you up to the last 40 flips matching your filters.

The dedicated channel will remain for 15 minutes before it gets cleaned up.

Each Flip event will consist of different stats:

  • First two rows contain general Collection Information

  • Third row contains information about the Buy and Sell price

  • 4th row highlights the wallet, profit (substracting royalties here) and HODL duration

  • And last part contains transaction links

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