NFT Butler offers a comprehensive dashboard overview that includes live charts and a bidding activity feed, providing insights into wallet statistics and detailed information about your active Butler engines.


From the dashboard, you can easily enable or disable all engines while also gaining a valuable overview of ongoing tasks and key performance indicators (KPIs).


The Activity section of the Dashboard provides information about the Butler's bidding speed over the last 30 minutes, the status of the OpenSea API (with possible states: Stable, Unstable - hitting Rate Limits, Down), as well as a countdown indicating when the graph will be updated.

The Live Bidding Activity tab displays all ongoing bids originating from any of the Butler engines. It categorizes bids as follows: green for the highest bid at the time, orange for bids that were not the highest, and red for bids that failed due to security features such as floor price caps or asset limits.

Additionally, this tab provides a percentage overview of how many bids were the highest in the past 30 minutes, along with a speed indicator showing bids per minute and hour. The 'Target' column in the Bidding Activity list always links to the bidding target, allowing you to easily double your bid if you're the highest bidder.


On the right side of the Dashboard, you'll find wallet statistics, which include:

  • Wallet name in Butler and the associated public address (linked to etherscan).

  • The total WETH allocation percentage, displayed in the top-right corner. Keep in mind that a wallet can have a maximum of 1000 times your WETH in active bids on OpenSea.

  • Total balance of ETH, WETH, and their USD conversion.

  • The number of active bids. Note that a wallet can have a maximum of 15,000 active bids before OpenSea rejects further bids from this wallet.

  • The OpenSea icon, which links to your account on OpenSea and indicates whether you're using NFTButler* in your OpenSea username (green) or not (red). Naming your OpenSea account "NFTButler*" unlocks additional task slots, while the PRO Subscription removes this requirement.

  • The 'Details' button, which opens a modal providing precise information about your active bids within this wallet."

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