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Search for Magic Eden collections

The Butler search engine can be used to find collections hosted on Magic Eden exclusivly.

  • The "Drilldown" icon on the very left will drilldown into the individual traits view of the given collection while the "Stats" icon (second from left) will provide additional Data such as collection floor price changes over the past 2 months as well as the last Sale stats

Create Magic Eden Bidding Task

  • Magic Eden Token Bidding Tasks can be create for collection hosted exclusivly on ME or collections hosted on other market places too

  • A token Bidding task can either be created for an entire collection (bidding on each token 1 by 1), for a specific trait (bidding on each token owning a certain trait) or a combination of multiple traits (bidding on each token owning at least 1 trait (OR condition) or all traits together (AND condition))

  • Collection CTO bidding tasks are not yet supported with Butler but will be added later on!

From the search engine you can either drilldown into the Traits of a collection or create a Token Bidding task directly on the collection itself for all it's assets

From the Trait drilldown view you'll have the same option to create a token bidding task but now targeting a specific trait only, or even a combination of traits by multi selecting them.

  • Once you're creating a Token Task you'll be able to choose if the Task should be running on OpenSea or MagicEden

  • If a collection is available on MagicEden only, only one selection is possible. Same for collections hosted on OpenSea exclusively

  • The market place target can also be changed later on when the task was created

  • For all the token task configuration options please refer to Token Bidding Tasks

Running Magic Eden Bidding Tasks

  • Magic Eden Bidding tasks can be found on the Token Task page and are marked with a small market place icon below the collection avatar

  • Filtering option is available to show ME Bidding tasks only

  • A dedicated ME Bidding task slot is reserved at the bottom of the Running section. It's a super-charged task slot which process about 2500 - 3000 bids / hour

  • Normal task rotation rules apply. Once a task has finished it jobs it will pick the next Bidding task from the Queued section

To approve your WETH spending limit please process a manual ETH bid from your wallet before running Bidding tasks on Magic Eden. Otherwise an error message will be highlighted

Dashboard & Wallt Details

  • Magic Eden Bidding Tasks will be part of the Live Bidding Activity Feed on the Dashboard Overview

  • Also the "Target" link will link to Magic Eden if the bid was coming from a Magic Eden bid

  • However the wallet percentage for the WETH limits are not taking ME bids into account (as they are not processed on OpenSea)

  • Wallet Details will show active bids on Magic Eden seperatly on the bottom of the list

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