๐Ÿ“ˆOS & Blur Sales Stats

BLUR sales stats

BLUR stats have been integrated to NFT Butler!

Blur stats can be found on collection level, trait level and task level. The orange line represents Blur Floor Prices and the blue indicates OpenSea Floor Prices:

.. and also on traits level. The Sales Page displays the latest 10 sales from OS & the last sale on blur.io:

Where are blur stats used, and where not?

By default, blur stats will be used for the bidding cap features:

But they're never used for dynamic bidding applications. Every single bid will always be based on OpenSea data. Also when checking for highest existing bids for outbidding, Butler will always work with the highest bid on OpenSea.

If you're no fan of using blur.io data, you can opt-out from it within the global settings. All collection & trait floor price cap features will then ignore blur data entirely:

Additionally blur floor price checks can also be disabled on task level with the following toggle:

Calculated Sales Price (experimental)

We've started an experimental features where NFT Butler will try to estimate the value to which an NFT can be resold. This is a first draft & the formula will evolve over next few iterations.

The current calculation is taking ignoring outliers and weighting sales depending on how far in the past they've happened - blur is currently not calculated in:

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