๐Ÿ’ฐWallets Overview

The wallets Overview page in Butler show cases your NFT flips, profit margins, wallet activity and your Asset storage.

When a new Wallet is added to Butler with a long Flipping history it can take up to a few hours to work through all your previous flips and display them here.

Wallets will currently only show ETH and WETH from the Ethereum Main Network. Blur, Blast and Base ETH / WETH and BTC are currently not shown here.

Wallet selection

  • In the top section of the page you can choose if you want to see the overview for all your Butler wallets or want to checkout the statistiks on a per wallet base:

Profit chart

The chart will showcase your successful flips on your Butler wallets. If a specific wallet is select on the top wallet selection, it will showcase flips on the choosen wallets only.

Different timespans from can be selected: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and All time


The Holdings container shows your available assets. ETH & WETH and available NFT assets are shown. To calculate the NFTs value we're taking the current listing price or otherwise the buy price into consideration.


The KPI section is based on the Chart time span as well as the choosen wallet or Overview. It provides the following insights:

  • Total Spent: How many ETH was spent on your NFT flips

  • Total Sold: How many ETH did you make selling your NFTs

  • Tx Fees: This section sums up payed transaction fees for purchases, sells and transferes between wallets. It's not taking into account contract approvals and it's also not a 100% accurate on old transactions

  • Realized Profit: How much ETH did you make with the selected flips

  • Unrealized Profit: How much Profit is still waiting to be sold

  • Winning Flips: How many positive flips did you make

  • Loosing Flips: How many negative flips did you make

Flips Overview

The Flips overview is showcasing all your NFT Flips. It will basically start with an Accepted bid or a NFT purchase and end with a sales event to another wallet.

Flips are rescanned whenever your wallets WETH / ETH balance changes to update the flips overview page and also sending a Notification to your Butler. Listing updates are rescanned every 15 minutes and can take a little longer to notify you.

You can choose how many flips should be shown per page on the bottom left and you can switch pages on the bottom right.

Activity Overview

The activity page will show each individual event on your wallets. There are basically four type of events:

  • Buy: An NFT was bought with one of your wallets

  • Sell: An NFT was sold to another wallet

  • List: An NFT was listed on OpenSea

  • Transfer: An NFT was sent to a different wallet. If an NFT was sent to a different Butler wallet for selling, the flip will still be going on until the asset is sold.

Each wallet event will also be reported to your Butler notification list:

You can choose how many activity events should be shown per page on the bottom left and you can switch pages on the bottom right.

NFT Asset

This seciton will display your NFT storage on your Butler wallets. It will show the following details:

  • Official image from OpenSea and if not available the Butler image as a place holder (linked to OpenSea)

  • Collection Slug and Token id

  • The lower collection floor price of Blur or Opensea represneted by a colord dot in the end

  • Current listing price or Buy price of the NFT

  • When an asset is banned on OpenSea it will be flagged here as well

You can choose how assets should be shown per page on the bottom left and you can switch pages on the bottom right.

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