How to do a fresh install of NFT Butler

Cleanup previous Butler versions and ensure optimal runtime environment.

This is a short guide on how to do a full reset of NFT Butler - recommended if butler feels slower than before, or if odd behavior appears after running Butler for several months on a VPS.

Mac: Steps to do a fresh installation on Mac:

  1. Close Butler, and move the App to the Trash bin

  2. In your Keychain Access there should be Keys stored called NFTButler --> Delete them

  3. Delete this folder on your Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/NFTButler

  4. Download it from the homepage and do a fresh install

Windows: Steps to do a fresh installation on Windows:

  1. Close Butler

  2. Delete the following folders

  1. download the latest Butler version

  2. Install and start Butler

Impact of the Cleanup:

  • Tasks will NOT be lost and get pulled from the backend again

  • Task progress and logs will be lost and all tasks will start from scratch

  • You'll have to add your wallets again and set your settings

  • All CTOs will be unscheduled. Those which should run need to be played again

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