NFT Butler

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User Ethereal, one of our most succesful bidders offers insights into his bidding tricks for a fee. The service includes:
  • Teaching on how to use Nftbutler tool
  • How to identify traits on NFTs Tips and tricks on how to find profitable collections
  • How to price your bids correctly How much correctly list and price tokens
  • any additional questions/topics you wanted to discuss
1 day session packages
3 days (3x1-2 hour sessions)
7 sessions (1 week)
1 hour session 45$
3x1 hour sessions
$40 each $120 total
7x1 hour sessions $35 each $245 total
2 hour session 85$
3x2 hour sessions $75 each $225 total
7x2 hour sessions $70 each $490 total
Additional perks: - lifetime access to advice on bid pricing, butler tips and tricks, advice on listing prices and answers to any questions - 15% discount on any further sessions -5 custom token bidding tasks and 5 collection offer tasks made by me custom to your budget/requirements
If you're interested in this service, simply create a ticket: