NFT Butler

Manual Tasks (ENS, IDs)

Legacy Bidding / Token ID Bidding

By clicking on the Create Manual Task Button on your token task list you'll be able to bid on any collection by copying the collection link / slug into Butler (no indexing required). You can also configure token ID ranges manually
  • You can also use the #community-bot in our Discord server to /scan an entire collection and get a useful output of all token ids per traits or assets
/scan a collection
Adding a new Collection to the Butler Search engine

ENS Token bidding

ENS Token bidding works the same as manual bidding. You'll basically have to define the token ids to bid on. However the #community-bot can help you to find those token ids with the /ens command.
  • It can be used to generate token ids for nummeric ENS tokens such as 0001.eth - 1000.eth:
    generate ens token ids 0001.eth - 1000.eth
  • ENS Token IDs can also be generated for strings such as 'casino.eth' and others (comma-separated):